Friday, February 25, 2011

Impenetrable, Unstoppable, Lovable: Super-Dad.

Dad and Sisters

As I had started before in following Elder LeeMaster with the themed posts, I had recently come up with a new idea for a theme.  The previous theme (which I have not been very good at keeping up on) was with inspirations from Sacrament meetings.  The theme I am starting today is on heroes in my life, a Heroes Day.

Superman is great: he flies, he has laser vision, he is virtually impenetrable, unstoppable, and just an all-around good guy.  He would be a great help to get someone out of a jam.  As far as I can see he really only has two flaws, his weakness to kryptonite, and just the fact that he isn’t real.  Given those two facts, especially the kryptonite, Superman just doesn’t really make a good hero for me.  But someone who has really helped and someone who has been there is my Dad.  I haven’t seen him fly, but I do remember him jumping on the trampoline with us when we were little, and that certainly made me feel I could fly.  I don’t think I have seen any laser vision, but he certainly does manage to burn breakfast almost every single time he makes it, regardless.  But is he a good guy?  What about impenetrable, unstoppable, and lovable? 

Absolutely!  Most definitely!  Of course!  Just ask my Mom!  

I know he loves me, and I certainly love Him very much as well!  I am not saying I think bullets would bounce off his chest, and I don’t think he can outrun a train, but he still has those attributes all the same. 

Dad and siblings
My Dad has an impenetrable testimony of this church; he has an unstoppable resolve to do good and to follow the example of Jesus Christ.  He is an example for me in many different things.  I am grateful for the things he has done to help me find a testimony for myself.  We have had consistent family prayer, scripture study, and family home evening.  They have not always been exciting, or interesting, nor have I enjoyed being there every time.  But, like Elder Bednar has talked about, I also know that simply being consistent is the key.  My dad has always been an example in serving and helping others.  I am now grateful that he has taken me home teaching with him, and helped me learn the value of being consistent for myself.  Probably what I remember most is him taking time.  Time to jump on the trampoline or play any number of games, time to help with homework, time to take us on vacation, and mostly to just be there as a support.  I am grateful for the testimony my Dad has shared with us, both vocally and through how he lives his life.  I know I certainly can’t remember everything He has done for me, nor do I have the space and time to list what I do remember.  I do love him, I am grateful for the example he has been, and best of all, he is not at all weakened by kryptonite!

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