Saturday, October 13, 2012

Taking the Road Less Traveled

The path was to the right of the stadium through the trees.

I biked to campus this evening- like I usually do.  Biking is much cooler than driving—not just because I usually do it, but you can use that as a reason.  Also, the speed one goes is directly proportional to the coolness factor.  Biking this afternoon I ran into difficulty as so many people were walking around the stadium.  I decided to take my secret shortcut on the higher road and cut through a dirt trail a little higher than the stadium parking lot.  It was a good idea- but when I got on it I realized the majority of it had been torn up and was now mostly loose dirt/sand/no trail.  It was bumpitybumpitybumpitybumpity.  As I got on I thought wow, I did not know I was coordinated to ride my bike across this without going falling over!  On sand/loose dirt, if you go to slow the bike does funny things and it is easy fall to the side, or nearly impossible to get going.  This evening I found I could ride over it for an extended period of time!  I learned sometimes I don’t really know what I am able to do, until I suddenly find myself in the middle of doing it.

I was not able to ride my bike to campus when I first started this semester.  This past summer I had both knees and a hip replaced.  The joints have been a little reluctant to start working for me again, but they have slowly been coming back.  The main therapy I have been doing on them has been biking as mentioned and recently I added swimming again.  I had earlier had my other hip replaced, so this summer made it so I had a complete set- both knees and both hips.  I did not know I could handle this and still be a happy person.  But hey- I’m doing it!  Going over the muddy sand at first I was a little shocked, but the momentum of the bike carried me until I could get going.  With these surgeries I have also been carried as I learn to deal with them.  I found that being carried on my bike is a wonderful analogy for how we are lifted through the struggles we have in life.
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