Tuesday, May 27, 2014

A Hoosier Welcome

Today has been my first day in Indiana! I am here as a part of a summer research opportunity I have been blessed with and wanted to document the experience I have in a few ways.
Today I was at the airport- still have those moving sidewalks!

Cars are a big deal it seems in Indiana.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Fly on Sweat

When I ride my bike, I love going up first.  Because then I am able to fly down the hill. Although, it doesn't always work like that for me.  Such as today. In talking with my brother this afternoon on the phone we agreed that riding a bike up to Vivian park feels like the wind is blowing at you no matter what way you go. I think part of that is that any time it is at my back, I am going up a hill- so I am more focused on the hill. Then when I come down, and expect to go fast, the strong wind is slowing me down. Coming back today I took a picture on my phone - right before going down a hill. Even with the wind, each hill was amazing! And I do begin to feel like I could fly.

I think there is also something to having a reward which you have worked for.
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