Sunday, June 22, 2014

Less Lost, More Found

Continuing with the theme of getting lost in Indiana, I thought I would share a few more pictures of the adventures we have been having here. 

To start, there is this "Cancer Survivors Park" which continues to capture my interest. I wonder if there is a "Cancer Killed Park" somewhere, or something equivalent. When I think about being a "cancer survivor" I also think about those who have not survived. The park is honestly a little dilapidated. And while life is not the same as it was before--I am grateful for those reminders that life is a gift.
Recently walking back from my work at the Neuroscience center I ran into a gentleman who was going to visit a friend in the Eskenazi hospital. As we were talking he brought up the subject of God and we talked about that. One thing he told me he did not understand is why he lived, and did so well, when others have not lived.  I also learned the man he was going to visit had lost both an arm and a leg in the war, and had recently tried to commit suicide for about the 10th time.  While my own experience was different. I was grateful to know the source of peace, and guidance for why we live, and what God expects of us.

But, this was just a small part of the city, there was much more!

Sunday, June 1, 2014

The Best Time to get Lost

After being welcomed most cordially to Indiana, I set out to make myself familiar with the area! I don't know about you, but I find it nearly impossible to hold a map in my head.  But, if I actually walk to a place, I find I can remember how to get there again, and the more I walk around, the better I am able to use my mental map.

So, the most effective way I have learned to get around is to start walking for a place on the map. Then, I inevitably get lost as I can't keep directions in my head, then I find myself again (usually by asking for directions), and then know how to get there again!

When we feel lost, there are many ways we can find ourselves again. At church today, the theme in sacrament meeting was on the Atonement. In the end, by coming here to earth, we desired to follow the same path--that path being Jesus Christ. When we are on that path, we find a peace which settles the deepest part of our souls.

As it has been a few days, and I have been exceptionally good with my camera, I have a number of pictures to share with you all! I hope you enjoy them!

 This is my room, you probably noticed how neat and tidy it is! And, several days later, I am glad to say it is still this neat!
 I learned during a first meeting that I am not able to wear shorts- so I went adventuring! These next few are pictures from the mall in downtown.
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