Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Nil Sine Numine

Colorado State Motto: Nil Sine Numine=  “Nothing without the Deity”

Do you ever go out to do something righteous—but then find as soon as you start that the Lord had a different plan for you all along?  The weather this evening has been beautiful.  In an effort to take advantage of it, I went to the hammock in the backyard to read my scriptures.  I wasn’t sure where I was going to read, but I had said a prayer that the Lord would help me find the right verses to give me the guidance I needed.  After my prayer, it was very hard to concentrate—two Robins had gone absolutely berserk.  They were squeaking like I didn’t know a Robin could and acting very strange.  They kept teasing our dog Chester (a beagle)—landing right next to him and then hopping away, almost but not quite getting caught.  I had not realized those birds could be such dare devils!  Eventually the birds succeeded in navigating Chester to the other end of our yard and they stopped.  I was glad it was over, but after almost a whole 2 seconds Chester came running back over to investigate something under a tree in the back corner of our yard, and the whole ordeal started over again.

But I caught on this time, I walked over to where Chester was looking (both him and the birds were distracting each other) and I found a young bird frozen on the ground.  It was not a baby, but was definitely younger.  I put the dogs inside, and then came back out with some gloves to rescue the bird.  When I came back, all the birds were gone.
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