Saturday, March 29, 2014

Payback's a Chocolate

Some of you may be familiar with the letter the adventure I had with pies not too long ago.  For those who are not, let me fill in a little.  Over a year ago for Thanksgiving, I had gone home for Thanksgiving.  Sadly, my brother was unable to make it as he was newly married and was spending the time with his new wife.  Well, feeling sympathetic as mothers do, my Mom had made two apple pies which were frozen and ready to bake, and sent the pies back to Utah with me.  I, being logical had deduced that Chad (my brother) did not need two pies, and so decided to keep one.

Problem.  My brother knew that two pies were sent out, and mistakenly felt that both pies should be his. (His invalid argument was something about me enjoying pies all week, and already eating the equivalent of two pies).

Another problem.  My parents own the condo where I live, and my brother also had a key to the place, and could very easily come steal the pie while I was at school.  There are only so many places to hide a pie in a freezer.

Well, after some pondering and sleep, I came up with an idea. :)

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Of Dating, Spring Snow, and Faith

 Life is a dangerous game we play.- all sorts of risks.  Although it isn't risking your life- sometimes it can feel like it in asking a girl out.  Here is part of a conversation I recently had with a girl, more or less this is what was said:

Me: So, you still dating that guy?
Her: I am taking a break from dating.
In my mind I thought "Ok, how about I talk with you in a month or so?  . . . no, that sounds lame"  then it seemed enough time had passed where it was getting awkward, so I opened my mouth and said:
Me: Ok, so how about frisbee golfing this weekend?- we have had some beautiful weather!

I have no idea where that came from, but I am glad I said it!  Now, we have something set up for tomorrow!

Except for it snowed tonight.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

A Spicy Forthcoming

I made some salsa today. While eating it, I noticed the first few bites seemed like little bursts of joy in my mouth. I would definitely say I was hungry.  If I would have thought a little bit before hand, I could have taken some pictures throughout the creation process, but here is the final product! Salsa a la gladware.  It is a pretty standard recipe, and takes some effort to mess up. I am sure this salsa will be a tender mercy for me this next week!

*Some blessings are unexpected, some we can plan for. I am grateful for both!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Of Chocolate and Politics

Much like the need for chocolate- I have been feeling a need to continue with writing and posting on this blog on a more regular basis. I have decided this blog will take the best shape as I am more consistent about posting and sharing things here.  Although I am not currently sure what form it is I would like this blog to take! My Mom loves making chocolates. she recently made some, and mailed them. They were lost in the mail! :( But before you panic, please know I am finding a way to survive- somehow.
This week the caucuses are taking place in Utah, and at the University Devotional today Dr. James came to talk about health care in the political realm.  Paraphrasing a statement he made- a dollar invested in education does more to help public, then a dollar invested in health care.  I have a passion for education, and equalizing the learning opportunity. The devotional was a great reminder that the biggest effect on health was not the resources we have access to, but rather our behavior.  And what changes behavior? True doctrine, understood.

*people who say writing is static do not have experience with it.
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