Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother Dear :)

This is for my Mom.

Quoting a past Stake President which I had- he would often admonish in his booming voice- let us give ear to these “great hymns of Zion!”  No one can give a declaration of any kind as he did.  He was tall- maybe 6’6” (I never measured), gigantic hands and crooked fingers.  The fingers reminded me a little of those trees which stick out of the side of mountains, not quite straight, but tough as heck!
Being Mother’s Day, I am grateful for my mother (yes, I am grateful on other days as well)!  There are many things I could share about her and what she has done for me, but today I took some inspiration from the Stake President I mentioned and thought of a few hymns and songs from our church would express things a little clearer then I could-
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