Sunday, April 20, 2014

Because of Him I have a Family

I loved this video! Because of Christ, we have a plan to return to live with God again.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Crazy Little Thing Called Penny

What a busy week! And to add to it all, I had my heart stolen! The culprit is a little ball of fur and sharp teeth named Penny.  (She is the innocent looking thing in the pictures).  I am currently living with my sister and her husband, and they recently acquired this little puppy. Let me tell you a little about her!
When we first met, she peed on my shoe. She has put many little puncture marks in my hands and forearms.  But for some reason, when I see her, no matter how tired I am, I find I have a little more energy, life is a little better, and I relax a little more.

The things about dogs is, they are always happy to see you.  I think that is one reason why it is so sad when a pet dies, especially a dog. For me, I remember how every time I came home from school, I was a hero for our dogs. No animosity toward any earlier behavior, but just joy with where you are now.  They seem to me the epitome of the righteous father in the prodigal son. Puppies are kind of like that as well, but they also pee when they see you and bite you.  I think I have decided I like dogs better.  A little more mellow, still excited to see me, and don't bite me. The photo at the bottom is the dogs or as I still call them "puppies" from Colorado.

And that reminds me of this story:

Man, Dog and Cat

Sunday, April 6, 2014

My Pagan Abilities

(New plant) hope!
Sometimes I think I might make a pretty good pagan. Except for my plant growing skills.  I have not heard it from official sources, but I have always assumed to be a good pagan, you need to be in touch with nature.  I have tried to be nurturing, kind, and helpful for young growing plants before, but when it comes to plants I seem to be more prone to killing them.  I am currently in a Marriage and Family relations class at BYU (turns out they don't assign you a wife in the class, but you still need to find one).  Part of our class is that we need to grow a plant.  The lesson I have surmised so far, is that like a little plant- relationships need our time and care for them to grow.

Dead plant (trans-potted)
This is where the me maybe making a good pagan comes in.  I can't help but feel that the progress of the plant some how directly relates to the relationship I am supposed to be having with my future spouse.  I.e., plant thrives = I find wife and get married; plant dies = bachelor for life, no happiness.  Which, my mind keeps saying is totally irrational, especially now that the plant is dead (and I think I smashed both replacement seeds that I had, one is for sure- don't ask me how!).  Listening to the leaders of the church is such a great reminder of all the things I have been meaning to do, but haven't quite gotten around to yet. So, while I can't do everything tonight, I will try and at least take a little step! One first step I feel strongly about is prayer.

From my car, Bountiful, UT
Prayer I feel is the quiet rocking which brings peace to my soul. I desire to make it more of a soothing experience, by giving it time, being patient, and striving for open communication.  It helps me to vocalize my prayers, take time to organize my thoughts, speak a little, organize more.  Elder LeeMaster taught me the importance of praying with real intent and praying vocally.  It has forever impacted my relationship with my Father in Heaven.  As was taught today, as the Lord is first, the other good desires we have follow.  Or, as we read in the scriptures:
22 For behold, God knowing all things, being from everlasting to everlasting, behold, he sent angels to minister unto the children of men, to make manifest concerning the coming of Christ; and in Christ there should come every good thing. (Moroni 7)

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