Tuesday, July 22, 2014

What Makes a Home?

The apartments were just right behind me when I took this photo
The strangest thing happened when I walked home yesterday.  As I was walking up to the building, I noticed that the outside door- where I need to get a card swipe was broken. It seemed the automatic doohicky-thing at the top had gotten stuck. I did not like it being open, so I gave it a good tug and successfully jammed the door closed (I tried to get it open again, but found now only the one side was useable).  I figured I would call someone about it later. As I walked in I noticed a second odd thing.  Being that our door handle instead of being parallel to the floor was off at a little angle. As I grabbed the handle, I noticed it seemed to work ok, but, our door was unlocked--which it should not have been. By this time I could definitely tell something was off...
Not written. . . carved/scraped in!
As I walked into the room I noticed first, that we had a new couch. My first thought was that we had had a fourth roommate move in. I am here with a summer program, one roommate is in my program, one is not, so I thought we might have had a super late arrival who brought with them a couch.  But, I did not walk in quite yet, something seemed to hold me at the door. I literally began to spin on the spot looking at everything there. I then noticed a few other things. 
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