Sunday, February 20, 2011

Focus . . . Focus . . . On What?

I had an amazing Sunday today!  With the recent snow we got, rather than driving the distance to the deaf ward.  We stayed nearby, and we went to the Seventh Ward which is right next to where we work.    We found out when we got there that it was actually the Ward Conference for the congregation.  (This is just a time when the stake leaders come and talk for part of sacrament, and then in the Sunday school and other auxiliaries).  The focus of the meetings today was what things do we seek for in our lives?   I have found there are many different things we can seek after.  Some are small, like maybe just a better picture with the snow.  The things we seek for in our lives and the things we spend our time on is what controls what we will become in the future. 

We have Jesus Christ to show us the way, He is the perfect example we can follow.  We also have our friends, our families, and those around us to give us support as we help them—just as Elder Albright was able to help me come up with a better picture of the snow (see below). In Sunday school today, we were given a little evaluation we can look at in our own lives.  I was surprised to find that many times what I want to focus on, and what I am focusing on are always not the same things.  When was the last time you were able to look at your own life?  Are you aware of what things you are working on in your life?  Are you spending your time on things which help you, or on things which you don’t really need or don’t really help you?  Take a minute to look at the self-evaluation below and think of ways you can improve in your life.

Rank on a scale of 1-10 each of the activities below according to how much of your time you spend seeking the activity.

10: I constantly seek this
7: I seek this often
5: Sometimes I seek this
3: I don’t really seek this
1: What is this??

____Listening to Music
____Writing in a journal
____Video games/ t.v.
____Attending Church
____Dating/Social Life
____Studying/ Learning new things
____Participating in or watching sports
____Reading the scriptures, Ensign, or General Conference
____Spending time with friends / co-workers
____Performing service/going out of our way to help others
____Texting / social media (facebook, myspace, blogs, twitter . . . etc.)
____Building relationships with our family
____Searching for peace or hope in our lives

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