Thursday, July 14, 2011

My Bones, My Bones!!

This picture is a little closer to how I have used my cane :)
I remember four weeks before I came here in the MTC I had had my right hip replaced.  This was the first of the replacements I am looking at, I also need to have to replace both my knees and my other hip replaced.  The damage to my legs is something which was caused mostly because of the cancer treatment I have gone through.  In starting here as a missionary I was not sure how my legs would do or how long I would be able to continue with the joints I have.  I have learned even more while being here as a missionary that God blesses us while we serve Him.  Not only have I seen tremendous improvement with the treatments with my lungs, and also with the GvH disease, but I have received tremendous strength in legs as well and I never really needed to use the cane I brought with me. (by tremendous I mean I can walk up and down stairs easily :)
However, in the recent weeks I have noticed a change with my joints.  My right knee has become a little moody.  Sometimes it will hold together, and other times it decides it will not stay together and it collapses on me.  I am blessed at this time that it doesn’t really hurt but is just more annoying.  All of this has led me to do a little thinking . . .

I was thinking the other day just how much I have learned from the experiences I have had, and how much they have helped to bring me closer to Jesus Christ.  I was wondering what might be in my future.  I do want to be brought closer to Christ in my life, but I am really nervous about asking or even looking too far ahead given my past.  So, despite everything which might happen, I know there is one thing which will continue to bring me through whatever is in my future.

My amazing Family!  Chad, Mom, Dad, Tara, Beth.
I know the anchor of my soul is Jesus Christ.  I know that learning to trust on Him will be a refuge through all the storms we have in life.  I am grateful for how I have been shown His value and how I have learned the great strength He can be for me in my life.  I am also grateful for the family I have and how they have shown me support.  I am grateful for loving parents who have taught me about Jesus Christ, and who have built our home around Him.  I know this gospel is something which can bless us in all things.  I am grateful for this blog, and how it enables me to reach to people beyond those I meet.  And I am also grateful for the things I have learned in this mission, and how I have learned to spread the testimony I have in so many ways!  I love the Lord, our Savior Jesus Christ.  I am ever so grateful He has trusted me enough to be His missionary.

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