Thursday, July 28, 2011

Counting My Blessings: Salsa, Pillars, and More

The building we work in, behind the trees
Sometimes I feel I am giving a discredit to those who read my blog.  I would love to make each post a masterpiece, but I think each usually ends up more of a spattering.  I have been told by a few individuals this past week that they have been reading my blog, and that they have also enjoyed it, so thank you!  I know it is powerful motivation for any writer to find that their words are not only read, but that they are also enjoyed!

It has been a busy week for sure!  The more I look back at what has happened the more I realize just how privileged I am.  Elder Sabin has finished his service here and gone home.  I had another appointment in Salt Lake in which everything was stable, and we were able to move to a new place off the MTC!  The Lord is extending His blessings upon us more than what we really deserve, but I think that is almost how it always is.  As I am feeling so blessed I wanted to share a little more about the blessings I have had this past week.

Elder Sabin has been a pillar of a missionary here.  I like that word, pillar.  When I think of pillars a few things come to mind.  Pillars provide structure.  Pillars hold up other things.  In my mind I tend to think of those pillars we see in fancy houses, sometimes in paintings the tops of them are unseen going up seeming forever with an aura of mysteriousness about them.  Elder Sabin has exhibited many of these things.  He is a pillar of strength, and dedication.  He is a pillar of humility, and a sterling example for us.  Mysterious?. . . certainly there are things I just don’t get about him.J  I am grateful to have had his example for me through most of my mission (he is not here now he has finished).  He is a disciple of Jesus Christ, and I know I am blessed to have known him.

Go-go races!
As I also mentioned, physically I am overcome with the blessings I have had.  As I talked in another post, before I came here in the MTC, I had had a major surgery.  There was also a time when I was in the hospital for over two months with pneumonia, 5 of those weeks in the ICU.  I have many other stories there, but those are for another time.  Coming in the MTC I literally was done with all I could do after 5 minutes on a stationary bike, only 2 minutes if I added resistance.  My legs struggled with supporting my weight going up and down stairs.  Now, I can go at least an hour on an elliptical with resistance, I would try for more, but I don’t have the time.  And, I can go up and down stairs without having to use the handrail! (But I do prefer it!)  And these past few evenings Elder Ahlstrom got some funky idea about building up to do 1000 pushups in a day.  It works to start at 100 every day for a week, and then increase by 100 every week for 10 weeks.  I guess now I am writing this I might have to actually get to the 1000 :P.  I think I will continue with what I find I have time to do, 1000 pushups takes a lot of time!
Yummy Salsa

We love living off of the MTC!  I had runny eggs the other day, they were delicious!  It is not that the eggs at the MTC aren’t ever runny, but their eggs come from powder, mine came from inside an egg shell.  You can trust me, they taste different.  We were also able to stock up our freezer with popsicles and ice-cream, and we also made our own salsa.  Elder Corbett is a salsa making champion!  Fresh Salsa mixes and makes so many things so much more delicious!  Ice cream is delicious, salsa is delicious . . . I am thinking double positive . . . mixed together=2x deliciousness?  I am grateful for the blessings and for the privileges we have living off the MTC.

As great as these things are, I feel the greatest blessing for me has been with those people I have met and for this gospel of Jesus Christ.  I know this gospel is true.  I know it brings the light of our Savior Jesus Christ more fully into our lives.  I know this is the Church of Jesus Christ.  I have been blessed to have been taught this gospel by my parents.  The vast majority of those I teach have obviously not had that blessing for their parents to teach them.  They have obstacles to overcome, they have challenges.  Their example of faith is inspirational.  I look forward to sharing more of their stories with you in the future!

I feel so happy today!  I think it is because I counted some blessings.  Are you mourning or tempest tossed?  There is an answer!

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