Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Holy Ghost and Wheel Chairs.

The blessings of the Holy Ghost seem innumerable to me.  The more experiences and trials I have had in life, the more I have been able to see how much the Holy Ghost does in my life, and how much He has done in the past.  When we are humble and seek after Jesus Christ, we can feel the Spirit work in our lives.

I remember the feelings of sorrow and despair I have had with the trials in my own life.  After multiple injuries and damages to my joints, I remember being in a wheel chair self-pitying myself and feeling as if the hope of a happy future was gone.  It was at this time I was able to go to a devotional where Elder Bednar spoke to just the young single adults in our stake.  He promised us we could write down a question, and if we listened to the spirit, we could find the answer that evening as he spoke.  The question I wrote down was quite simply “how long?”  It was not until after he finished speaking that I was able to find the answer.  The closing hymn was #85, “How Firm a Foundation.”  As soon as the music started, I remember the overwhelming sense of assurance that came over me.  I was not even able to recognize what the words of the song were.  But I do know the feeling of comfort that I felt.  I knew that everything would be fine.  I did not know how long my trial would continue, but I did know that despite what would happen I would have the support of Christ in everything I did.

That comfort and assurance comes to us because of the Holy Ghost.  One of my favorite verses from the New Testament reads; “Now the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, that ye may abound in hope, through the power of the Holy Ghost.” –Romans 15: 13.  I know as we rely on Jesus Christ and following His will, we can be filled with the hope of the future which comes from the Holy Ghost.

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