Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Fresh on the Mission; Back to the Beginning

Elder Corbett came and joined us officially today!  We have seen him from time to time as he has been doing his training here around the MTC, but now his smile is here with us to stay!  With our numbers being low, we have been very anxious to get new missionaries.  So, we are also full of smiles here to have a new missionary!  I am blessed to be his first companion while he is serving here with us.  I feel I am always lifted by the enthusiasm and dedication which new missionaries have, and Elder Corbett certainly has both enthusiasm and dedication for the service he is giving here.

While he has been serving here, it has made me think of my own first day here in the MTC.  It took me a while to find some pictures, as I had originally deleted them, but I was able to bring them back!  I am not sure I have a lot to say about them, they really speak for themselves!

My Original MTC District, from left to right, Elder
Josephson (I think), Elder Hutchison, Elder Birch,
Elder Carroll, Elder Northrup, Elder White, and my
companion, Elder Johnston

This is me, just down in the residence. I think you might
be able to tell I have gained a little weight :).

Elder Fisher, myself, Elder Stong, some friends from home.

Me and my 1st companion, Elder Johnston

Joining the RC, my first day with Elder Tagg, my trainer!

And last, here I am today, with Elder Corbett.  You can see I do look different from when I first came here.  I have certainly changed from being here.  I do know this gospel is something which has been a blessing for me to share.  I know that this is something which can help each of us come closer to Christ in our lives.  As I have been blessed to be here and share it with others, I do feel my own life has changed and I have been brought closer to Jesus Christ.  I know He lives, and I know He is our Savior and Redeemer.

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