Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sacrament Inspirations - Imagine a World

Following the example of Elder LeeMaster, I have decided to create theme days to post about in my blog.  Starting these themes today are some inspirations and pearls of wisdom I have found from sacrament meeting.

Today we were privileged to hear from Brother and Sister Roundy, as well as a wonderful musical number on the Organ.  I love sacrament and the opportunity we have to renew our covenants with God and make a renewed determination to follow Christ every week.  I feel the more I have been able to understand about Jesus Christ, and the sacrifice He has made for us, the more meaningful the sacrament has become.  I feel it a testimony of the reality of God and how His spirit in our lives as we are able to notice themes in our meetings.  We can see how God is in control, and we can see how the speakers have prepared their remarks with the inspiration of the Holy Ghost.

I loved the stories that Sister Roundy told about herself and her husband.  Her enthusiasm and testimony is something which permeated into the hearts of those who listened.  I enjoyed how she shared her conversion experience, and it was inspiring to hear her words on how she was able to get her testimony despite the opposition of her family and previous church which had been very influential in her life.  I felt the message the spirit wanted to bring me from her talk was how we can’t always focus on how we might want others to change, but rather we should focus on how we can change ourselves to better help those around us.  It helped me to do a self check in my own life.  Am I relying on others to change, or am I trying to be more Christ-like and find a better way to help them?

Brother Roundy’s talk was equally inspiring.  I appreciated the love and devotion he showed to his wife, something which I see as very admirable, and something I am able to see in my own parents as well.  He also remarked on our perceptions of the world, and how they are sometimes skewed in our vision.  Adding on to the words of his wife he counseled us to imagine a world where those who were honest were always blessed, and those who were dishonest were always poor.  Everyone who was honest had a three-story home, two nice cars, and a well paying job, everyone who was dishonest lived in shacks and rode bicycles.  What would be our motivation to be good?  Would it not be the greed and covetousness of the earthly possessions?  With greed and coveting as our motivators, we could never learn to be like our Father in Heaven.  As Brother Roundy, I too am grateful we live in a perfect world.  A world in which we need to find the motivation to be good within us, we need to seek with faith after those things which God has for us.  I know God is our Heavenly Father, and I know He loves us.  I know He has created a perfect world to bless us and help us become like He is. 

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  1. Thanks for your message...I love to hear your insights!


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