Sunday, October 24, 2010

An Incredible Introduction

So . . . recently we got a new addition to the referral center mission!  This is Elder Ahlstrom whom I am privileged to be working with now. He is an awesome missionary, and I love working with him.  With the recent changes we have had and with the inspiration from General conference I have found it a good time to make some changes and set some goals.

Learning to set and work toward goals is a practice I think which can bless and help us throughout our lives.  As we learn to set a goal for something higher, and then as we make the effort to work toward them I think we are able to find those things which help to stretch and grow our character.  Some goals I succeed at, others have stagnated or passed by.  Having a goal to get straight A’s in High School is great . . . but having a plan to actually sit down and take the time to study I think would have helped me a lot more.  As I have been here as a missionary I have learned as we set goals, with every goal we need to develop a plan for accomplishing our goals.  As we have larger goals, we set smaller goals to work toward them.  We have the Ultimate Goal of helping people find a testimony on their own.  We start a testimony through first doing little things.  We need to pray to God, we need to read His words in the Bible and the Book of Mormon.  We need to go to church.  As we make the small steps God is able to help lead us, and help us know what changes we can continue making through our lives to find the church is true.  I talked a little about this in one of the Prezi presentations I made; The Gospel of Jesus Christ.  I know Jesus Christ lives, I know He loves us, and I know He blesses us as we make the time to come closer to Him in our lives.

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