Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Perfect World I Live In

It seems recently that I have ended up talking with a lot of people whose first questions are something like “If God is perfect then why do people suffer, or why is there so much pain for those who try to be good?”  I know for many people it can seem hard to accept an all loving God allowing us to struggle, or allowing us to have trials.  It is hard to understand God’s love and His eternal purposes as we look at the world; both as we look at the suffering with a broad scope around the world, and also as we look at the lives of individuals who seem particularly picked on.  Although I do not know the reasons that other people suffer, I do know we can find understanding from God from each of the individual trials we have in our lives.

In a general sense, we are here on this earth to learn.  I feel I have been blessed to be born in a perfect world, perfectly designed to help me learn those things which are most important.  I have learned I cannot do everything on my own.  I can see just how limited we are when I am entirely dependent on others for what I want to do.  I have been able to learn it is only Jesus Christ we can rely on in our lives.  I know He is the Rock of our salvation, and our ever present strength.  I have been able to learn how important my family is to me, and how much they have been able to help me in my life.  I have been able to learn what things are most important for me in the future; strengthening my relationship with Christ and with my family.  I know God is there, and I do know He loves us. 

I talked more extensively about this in my post “Finding the missing links in my life through leukemia” which I hope you will also look at. In a recent devotional here at the MTC Elder Richard G. Scott said that growing in faith is growing in character.  As we struggle, we learn to reach, and it is the reaching which helps us grow.  I know as we rely on Jesus Christ we can find comfort and peace from Him no matter what our situation is.  Elder Scott talked about this more in his talk in conference “The Transforming power of Faith and Character.

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