Friday, October 15, 2010

Proclaim the Gospel in a Blog

With the recent changes we have seen in our mission I think creating a blog has been one of the things I have found myself enjoying the most.  I love having the creative outlet, and I love using it to share my testimony and relate it to stories I enjoy telling.  While I am by no means a perfect blogger, I thought it might be helpful to include a few things I have found to help me as I think about blog posts.  This screenjelly goes over some blogs I noticed and have found helpful.

The attached document I mentioned is below.

 General guidelines
o   Personal
o   Relatable
o   Interesting
o   Include media
§   pictures, videos, presentations, etc . . .
·         Add links
o profile
o   Chat with the missionaries
o . . . etc.
o   Other gospel oriented blogs
·         Explain doctrine and beliefs
o   Show how Gospel is applied in your life.
o   What’s Going On - Naps
§  Talks about personal experiences with the gospel - finding answers to prayers
§  Simplifies things for people who are unfamiliar with beliefs
§  Question box; What has the prophet told us?, Original Sin, Book of Mormon . . .
§  Helps to dispel rumors
§  Links to chat with the missionaries J
o   Grab Shell Dude  
§  -Rejoice in what you can’t do Applies a gospel principle without a scripture
§  -A thought Applies a scripture to her life
·         Apply interests to the gospel
o   Hobbies
§  Elder Andrew Howden’s Reflections - High School Musical 4: Prophets and Apostles
·         Experiences with music tied in with the gospel
§  Missionary Musings - Running through the mud of life 
·         Jeeps, mud, and repentance
o   Science
§  Applies the things around her to the gospel.
·         Metaphor with the solar system
·         Current events
§  Homosexuality and Elder Packers talk.
·         Conversion stories, your own and others;
§  Story of man who has helped to build several temples.
o   Elder Seth Spencer - Teaching Experiences with Cassia 
·         How to find blogs
o   People search
§  Look for people with blogs

·         Blog Examples;
o   Members;
o   Missionaries

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  1. Great post Elder Spencer. I appreciate the blog suggestions. This blog, is great for finding more missionary blogs.


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