Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Of Chocolate and Politics

Much like the need for chocolate- I have been feeling a need to continue with writing and posting on this blog on a more regular basis. I have decided this blog will take the best shape as I am more consistent about posting and sharing things here.  Although I am not currently sure what form it is I would like this blog to take! My Mom loves making chocolates. she recently made some, and mailed them. They were lost in the mail! :( But before you panic, please know I am finding a way to survive- somehow.
This week the caucuses are taking place in Utah, and at the University Devotional today Dr. James came to talk about health care in the political realm.  Paraphrasing a statement he made- a dollar invested in education does more to help public, then a dollar invested in health care.  I have a passion for education, and equalizing the learning opportunity. The devotional was a great reminder that the biggest effect on health was not the resources we have access to, but rather our behavior.  And what changes behavior? True doctrine, understood.

*people who say writing is static do not have experience with it.

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