Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Of Dating, Spring Snow, and Faith

 Life is a dangerous game we play.- all sorts of risks.  Although it isn't risking your life- sometimes it can feel like it in asking a girl out.  Here is part of a conversation I recently had with a girl, more or less this is what was said:

Me: So, you still dating that guy?
Her: I am taking a break from dating.
In my mind I thought "Ok, how about I talk with you in a month or so?  . . . no, that sounds lame"  then it seemed enough time had passed where it was getting awkward, so I opened my mouth and said:
Me: Ok, so how about frisbee golfing this weekend?- we have had some beautiful weather!

I have no idea where that came from, but I am glad I said it!  Now, we have something set up for tomorrow!

Except for it snowed tonight.

Welcome to winter part II.  I wished two people talking "Merry Christmas" as I walked into the library, although, it is now more slush then snow.  By the time I walk outside it might all be puddles.  For some things it is easier to have faith.  I have been looking for greater faith today. Then I realized I needed a positive outlook.  I needed to think the best could happen, and then act on that! Thinking the best could happen . . . why, that is hope! Cool, how this faith, and hope go together!  For the best, I know I need the Lord's help.  And that takes us right to charity.  It then seemed imparative that I read Moroni 7. I didn't quite get through the whole chapter (I started at the end).  Having faith, hope, and charity, does not make the future any clearer, but today I have found a setteling inside my chest.  It is assurance that I am in the Lord's hand, and He is there for me.

Just like today when I can return to my chemistry class 6 hours later, and still find my water bottle! :)

Hope is an anchor in our lives:

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