Saturday, March 29, 2014

Payback's a Chocolate

Some of you may be familiar with the letter the adventure I had with pies not too long ago.  For those who are not, let me fill in a little.  Over a year ago for Thanksgiving, I had gone home for Thanksgiving.  Sadly, my brother was unable to make it as he was newly married and was spending the time with his new wife.  Well, feeling sympathetic as mothers do, my Mom had made two apple pies which were frozen and ready to bake, and sent the pies back to Utah with me.  I, being logical had deduced that Chad (my brother) did not need two pies, and so decided to keep one.

Problem.  My brother knew that two pies were sent out, and mistakenly felt that both pies should be his. (His invalid argument was something about me enjoying pies all week, and already eating the equivalent of two pies).

Another problem.  My parents own the condo where I live, and my brother also had a key to the place, and could very easily come steal the pie while I was at school.  There are only so many places to hide a pie in a freezer.

Well, after some pondering and sleep, I came up with an idea. :)

The next morning when I woke up I filled another pie tin with crushed ice, then water.  I then put it back in the freezer.  When I finished getting ready I took it out (it was fairly solid) and I put more crushed ice on top and then wrapped it in plastic and tin foil, just like the one my Mom had sent home with me.  I then put the real pie in a more discrete location, and left the other pie in the middle, exposed.

A few days later, the fake pie did indeed go missing. And the next fast Sunday,  while my brother and his wife were at church- the pie did indeed defrost . . . but left a bit of a puddle on the counter ;).  A few weeks after that, my brother and his wife, and my sister and her boyfriend all came over and we had the pie. It was delicious!

So, that brings us to this week!

My Mom dips fantastic chocolates! I also consider myself a fantastic chocolate eater, so it is a good combination!  One excellent chocolate (shown in the picture) is meant to look like a small potato- but actually has a divinity and walnut interior and is very tasty!  This year there was some trouble getting them to us. (Yes, I am spoiled, my Mom mailed some out to us).  This year my brother was involved in the chocolate making process (which I was unaware of).

As I was walking into work I bit into my chocolate.  I first noticed- it was a little starchier then usual. But, I am a trusting soul, and so continued to chew.  I also noticed that there was something which was slightly juicy.  At this point I recognized it was not divinity.  So I kept chewing . . . and then thought- the candy might actually be a potato.  Upon further investigation- yes, I had been given chocolate covered potatoes.

I would not say they were gross, but they were not delicious either.  In fact, if I was really hungry, I might even go for the chocolate covered raw potato snack.  But that would be really hungry.  I think there is a reason they have not caught on in candy stores.

These things are fun.  They keep me from doing homework.  I love my family!  I am grateful for the rules my parents made, such as no TV on weekdays, and eating family meals together. Having a close family for us has seemed to come from great effort, not just a natural result of living together.

*Thank you Mom and Dad!

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