Sunday, June 22, 2014

Less Lost, More Found

Continuing with the theme of getting lost in Indiana, I thought I would share a few more pictures of the adventures we have been having here. 

To start, there is this "Cancer Survivors Park" which continues to capture my interest. I wonder if there is a "Cancer Killed Park" somewhere, or something equivalent. When I think about being a "cancer survivor" I also think about those who have not survived. The park is honestly a little dilapidated. And while life is not the same as it was before--I am grateful for those reminders that life is a gift.
Recently walking back from my work at the Neuroscience center I ran into a gentleman who was going to visit a friend in the Eskenazi hospital. As we were talking he brought up the subject of God and we talked about that. One thing he told me he did not understand is why he lived, and did so well, when others have not lived.  I also learned the man he was going to visit had lost both an arm and a leg in the war, and had recently tried to commit suicide for about the 10th time.  While my own experience was different. I was grateful to know the source of peace, and guidance for why we live, and what God expects of us.

But, this was just a small part of the city, there was much more!

Continuing to explore the city leads to a few neat places! I was surprised how alive the city was late.

 This is near the canal. Interesting people were out and about. Quoting a line that I can't quite remember from an episode in The Simpsons "I tell ya . . . they only come out at night."
 I live just to the left of this picture above. There is also a bridge to the left. I have not jumped off of the bridge into the water. As, I do not know how deep the water is (and do not want to injure myself), and I believe if there are living things in the water they might not be natural . . . although I do see people fishing on a regular occurrence (I hope it is catch and release).

Can you see the fireflies above? Cause I did!, but then not, in the picture.  They must have all turned off when I took the picture, or my camera couldn't pick them up.  But, I think the firefly conspiracy against me makes more sense. Do you think fireflies are ugly or beautiful? The light is sure nice, but then if you look at one close . . . 

A view of downtown out of the tinted window of the Neuroscience center.

This is what happens when you drop your lunch after getting it out of the microwave. It was not fun, don't do it.

 This above is some of the local wildlife. I did not try and pet it. I think it is a rodent (marmot?) that was bigger then one of our dogs back at home.
 This is modern art. yep, thats all I have to say about it.

This is a view out of the hotel we found ourselves in. I am sure we were allowed, although it was strange that we could not get the elevators to move. But, we were able to follow some other people who did have a room key, and were able to conveniently have our destination be the same floor they were going to. I am sure it was fine, but we did not want to ask and bother anyone.

 More fireflies! I am sure you are glad I took the picture so you could enjoy them as well.

 Another view out of the hotel, works best behind the curtain.

 To be honest, this was scary. It makes a lot of sense to me that just by leaning against the glass it was about to pop, and I was about to be sucked outside. Luckily I did not stay close to the glass long enough for this to happen.
 I look happy, but it is just a face, I can still see the terror in my eyes, and feel the sinking of my stomach.

 This floor seemed a little better for watching the game.

 I don't often put those I love at risk.  But this time it was worth risking my phone to get this shot. I believe this was from the 20something floor. Oh, those are Kelton's shoes. You may know that is is difficult to drop something all the way down, as almost nothing drops straight (wind resistance and such I think), and if you did drop one thing (like a plastic water bottle), you may see it go 10 or so floors, then be very loud when it hits the rail, so you wouldn't stick around to drop other things. I am not sure of anyone who would do that, but just a few thoughts.

 Yep, TV's above the urinals. There are actually three, but the other was occupied, and thought you wouldn't like that in the picture.

 This is looking up at the hotel.  It is much more formidable looking down.

 This was a cool looking church. There is actually a man sleeping on the front step, and a group of "needing some entertainment" young adults just around the corner to the left. We did not stay here long.
I took this picture to remember to call the number for a hair cut. I just loaded it with the others not really looking at it.

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