Monday, September 5, 2011

Adapting My Vision

It is more work than I thought to change the title and design of the blog!  I knew there were a few basic things I needed to change.  The title “Elder Seth Spencer” would not work now I am finished with my mission, and I didn’t think it was that creative either.  I love the title now!  My Mom actually helped me come up with it.  She first got the idea from a Wikipedia page.  I wanted to find something unique, something personal, and I like an aura of mysteriousness as well.  To help me meet these things we were searching for something which related to my name and the meaning of it.  According to the page, the two pillars referred to pillars of brick and stone supposedly made by Seth (ancient son of Adam and Eve) and his descendants.  The pillars were engraved with the scientific discoveries and knowledge, the idea of putting them in stone to be to preserve them over an extended period of time.  I am not sure if that was something actually done by Seth, or something which was done at all.  The idea I liked was of preserving those things which are important to us in our lives.  I have found blogging to be a wonderful tool in preserving and sharing some of the important things in my life with others.

In changing the blog I started with one thing in my mind and then went searching for images and templates to coordinate and put everything together.  I found it almost impossible to find what was exactly in my mind, but then as I found other things, the vision of what I did want would change.  Or, I would find a part and realize that the other part I had needed to change.  In the end, I was able to work everything out!  It is interesting that as I reflect on it a little now, I see these small circles of searching as echoes of a little larger search I am currently on.

Finishing my mission I have experienced quite a bit of changes and had many adaptations which I have needed to make.  It is a scary transition to go from having the same solid routine for two years to a life which for the last two weeks has been going through a lot of change.  To name a few . . . I lived at home for two weeks (which felt almost like a vacation), and now I am living back here in Utah.  I no longer have a companion 24/7.  I now have to worry a little more about my college studies and what path I want to pursue.  Dating now seems scarier and more exciting than ever before.  As different or scary as some of these things might have seemed, none of them have seemed overwhelming to me.  I think part is that I realize I have had bigger changes in the past, and another part is having those things which are constant still in my life.

My family is amazing, and they are constant!  I love living here with my brother Chad.  I feel as we have gotten older that we have been able to get along better and better.  I also have a wonderful sister.  Tara is also here with us, but living on the other side of campus.  She keeps life exciting for us in her melodramatic way as she is attacked by spiders or dirty feet.  The way she reacts, I don’t think it is ever going to get old!  I am grateful for the littlest sister at home.  Beth is amazing!  I will be excited for her to come live here in Provo next year as well!  I know my siblings are amazing in large part because I have great parents!  They have provided a foundation for us in our lives; this is a foundation on Jesus Christ and His gospel.  The gospel of Jesus Christ has blessed and changed our family; it is a base of support no matter what changes may come.  I know it blesses me.  I know it can bless us all.

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