Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Sometimes Life Gives you Lemons, and Concrete

I am writing this post to commemorate two weeks since I ate it on my bicycle.  Why am I commemorating two weeks you might ask?  The answer is simple; I have been too lazy to write up anything before now.  Also today I have been able to get some more pictures to go along with this post.  I have really enjoyed being able to ride my bike around and back and forth to classes.  I am not sure how much longer I will be able to this year, but I intend to enjoy it as much as I can. 

When I crashed my bike, it was a very rainy day and I had just come through the intersection, up on the sidewalk and attempted to go over a little bump to cut through the parking lot.  Being recently painted yellow, the bump had a nice glossy finish, and coupled with the rain it became very slick.  As I proceeded over the bump as I had done many times before I found the forward motion of my bike was coupled with a sideways falling motion, and I found myself being thrown into the concrete.  Thinking quickly and not wanting to continue sliding I used my face as a brake (it was close to the ground and this point) and was able to come to a stop.

Ok . . . maybe that wasn’t my original plan, but if you have been thinking about using your face as a brake for something I recommend devising a new plan.  After stopping I decided the best thing would be to just lay there.  I didn’t really feel like moving.  That plan yielded nothing (I am not sure what I was looking for), so I decided I should probably just get up and get home so I could get some things done I needed.  I sighed, I rolled over, and I found a girl standing and staring at me a distance away.

She appeared to sigh, and then walked off.  I guess it was a relief I wasn’t dead, or seriously maimed in any way.  I was a little surprised.  Not even a wave, or a “are you ok?”  But, I was not discouraged, I kept my hopes up!  With any suffering we have in life we sometimes come to ask ourselves questions.  It brings to question the purpose of the trials we have and how they are meant to fit into our lives.  I even asked myself a few—How can I get so and so to notice this?  How can I win sympathy from her?  Does this make me look tougher?  I think it is good to wear shorts and a t-shirt tomorrow, then girls can see exactly how much I got scraped up.  No, lets do that all week.  I have a headache.

So, all of that was two weeks ago.  I did get some sympathy, but it was really overrated.  Now the crash is just annoying.  For a while the scab on my face kept getting washed off every time I showered, and then it would ooze and sting all day (not as attractive as I was looking for).  I also had to wash the blood out of my clothes and my pillow case as if I slept on the right side of my face I left a big spot on the pillow.  (Tip- Hydrogen Peroxide and cold water work very well to remove blood).  I have also not gone swimming the last two weeks.  I was worried about being in a community pool with open wounds.  1) I am not sure it is allowed, 2) The pool is already kind of gross.  I think this is typical of life.  Many times things which can seem to be exciting at first can later turn out to be a pain or annoying.  I find this often with a lot of projects I try working on.  They are exciting at first, and I can work on them for a while.  But they become annoying when the first burst of enthusiasm is gone and more time is required for seemingly small gains.  I need to be careful is wishing for excitement, it always comes with ups and downs.  I guess there is something to a moderated life.  


  1. hi Seth Spencer ,

    Looks like this happend last year. How many days did it take to heal and to completely make the mark invisible ? and by the way.... did it go away completely ? or not ? I have a much bigger scar on my face.... I scraped the scab and made it worse. hoping for your answer which can console me ...... thanks

    1. I think it actually took a few weeks (3 or 4)- and it is pretty much gone completely, most people can't see it now. I would say just keep it clean, and don't scrape it anymore! Sorry it has taken me a while to get back with you!


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