Thursday, August 11, 2011

From the Pearl of Africa, Testimony of Jemba

Not all our investigators have to travel hundreds of miles to attend church, but there are a few.  Jemba is one of those few, and I feel immensely grateful for the testimony and the spirit which we have felt from talking with him.  When we first met Jemba, he lived several hundred miles from any church building, I did not know how he could get to church, and I did not know how he would ever be able to be baptized in this church.  Jemba is one investigator who has shown unbeatable optimism and spiritual insight.  I can’t think of many investigators who would take time in a lesson to teach us and share additional insights without us asking.  Jemba is one of those people.  Jemba knows who God is, and we know God is aware of him.  I feel the conversion of Jemba, and the opportunities which I have seen open to him have been real miracles.  I have seen many miracles while being here, and I am very grateful for that.  I am grateful to share with you this miracle, from the view of Jemba.

Hello everyone, I am by names of Jemba Denis, 19 years Old male Ugandan by nationality residing in a country named Uganda located in East-Africa.

 I would like to extend my sincere greetings to every one in this world. My life was opened up newly by the gospel of Jesus Christ by Missionaries of the Church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints in Provo-Utah United States of America. I feel so happier to have got this opportunity of sharing my testimony with you. The first time I heard about the true Church of latter Day Saints was on the Internet where I came across one amazing blessed Missionary named Elder Seth Spencer in 2009. I loved his expressions about the gospel and Book of Mormon well known as books of inspiration to everyone who keeps both eyes at listening to them. Before I came across this wonderful Church, I always felt my life a stray in the middle of nowhere. Brothers and sisters, my life was hungry, thirsty, astray and in full of many temptations and disasters I came across to. After accepting Jesus Christ in my life through the discussions we had with Elder Spencer with his Companions by the names of Elder Albright, Elder Edmunds, Elder Fallentine, Elder Corbett I was risen and saved after hearing the gospel of Jesus Christ proclaimed by these Missionaries who inspired me a lot and taught me very many things in my life. I started by online chatting with Elder Spencer sharing the gospel until when we switched top Phone discussions and finally I came to know the only true church in this world is the Church of Jesus Christ of latter Day Saints through its prophet Joseph Smith and apostles of the Church not forgetting the great work done by the missionaries towards the church expansion world wide. Can you believe this?, I finalized with accepting Jesus Christ in my life and got baptized here in Uganda. Am very glad to have been in touch with Elder Seth Spencer for all this long time since 2009 until 12th-August 2011 when his mission has ended. May the blessings be up on you Elder Spencer with your companions and I wish you a safe journey back home after winding up your mission successful. Am proud of your excellent work Elder Spencer and all other Missionaries in the whole world. Lets all join efforts in preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ and bringing back all people who are stray.

Blessings to you,
Jemba Denis

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