Tuesday, May 27, 2014

A Hoosier Welcome

Today has been my first day in Indiana! I am here as a part of a summer research opportunity I have been blessed with and wanted to document the experience I have in a few ways.
Today I was at the airport- still have those moving sidewalks!

Cars are a big deal it seems in Indiana.

I cared enough about this car to get most of the description, maybe I will try and read it later.

I do love the large ceilings!

This is a map I found while wandering/getting lost and finding where I was.
As I landed in Indiana and was waiting for my luggage. I wondered, what is is that a person from Indiana was called? I am pretty sure it wasn't an "Indian." And "Indian-na-nen" is something I couldn't quite get out  so,t thanks to google, I found that the proper terms are "Indianian, Indianan, and Hoosier." Well, Hoosier is easier to say, so I decided to stick with it! Identity is important! I am looking forward to how this experience will expand my identity! I like this Mormon video about an Identity we all have.

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