Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Laughing Matters

Talking with a good friend in the library this evening I had the question come to my mind- “what has made you laugh today?” I liked the question so much, just me asking it gave me a little chuckle!  Being at BYU, our church group gets together every Sunday evening to spotlight at few people in the Ward (congregation) and share a thought and prayer.  I have had some excellent questions come to my mind while attending there these past few months:

“When we are children, we have hopes and dreams.  Where you are now in your life, which of those dreams do you feel you are living from when you were a child?”

“Inspired by the recent movie Warm Bodies; if you were a cold blooded zombie, what is one thing which would warm your heart and bring you back to the living?”

“What is your dream vacation- I mean an actual dream, if you could dream and vacation, where would you like to go?”

I have others, but those are good to start!  I have noticed a few common things which have come with these questions-

First, it takes me almost no time to develop and think of these, they come right to me!  Also, I have noticed if I try and think of a question, no questions of this caliber come to me.  Rather, the questions come as I focus on the individual whom I want to know- which is easier said than done!  I don’t know what it was about today- but this evening I realized I have been given a real spiritual gift with this!  It is something I have done for a while, but just never considered to be out of the ordinary.  It has inspired me to look closer at other areas of my life and see if there are other blessings I am overlooking!  We all have talents- I know the Lord will help us to see our talents as we turn to Him.  But, as you find your talents, don’t forget them, work on them!  There is nothing better than growing a little better!

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