Sunday, January 8, 2012

An Almost Perfect Miss

I was able to take this wonderful picture on my way home from my appointment at the Huntsman this past Friday.  Seeing as I did not crash into anyone, the cool lighting effects, and I did not drop the phone out the window I am pretty proud.  At first glance I thought the picture was pretty much perfect.  Upon looking closer I noticed that the coolest part of the car, the front, was blocked partially by my rearview mirror.  It seemed to have set a pattern for me this week.  Things seem to be going perfect, and then I realize the best thing I might have missed out on.

Serving as a missionary online, I was not able to meet in person most of the people I was able to teach.  Today I did have the opportunity to meet one person, and I almost blew it!

To be honest, I just plain forgot.  I forgot to write it on my schedule—it’s so exciting, how could I forget?  I went to church this morning.  I thought about bringing my cell phone, but why would I need it? Church was good; I even stayed awake for all of it.  I felt everything was going perfect until I got home—6 new alerts on my phone.  Are you still coming? and several others.  I feel a bit like an idiot.  It is not very often that I am blessed to meet those from my mission.  I was hoping to let them know it is important to me, but I seemed to send just the opposite message.

I did eventually make it to the MTC.  I was able to see the investigator, and also many of the referral center missionaries again.  Every time I am there at the MTC the sacredness of the place impresses upon me.  I know the Lord’s work is being done there.  Even with me being late, I was still able to talk with our investigator for a while, and meet her friend.  She of course did not seem mad or angry, but was very nice.  Pretty much every one we have taught online has been highly motivated and Christ-centered people.   I am grateful for her forgiveness, and most of all the fact that I did not totally miss seeing her.

Today things didn’t quite collapse.  I was still able to salvage the important things I had planned.  Sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn’t.  I have found as I trust in the Lord and as I include Him in my life, the truly important things I remember and they work out.  I might not get the best picture every time, but for the things that are really important, I don’t completely miss out.  I know the Lord helps us as we put our trust and faith in Him with the things that really count.

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