Friday, November 19, 2010

Family Pets, Falling Rocks, a Few of my Favorite Things

Following Elder Howden’s example, I have also decided to write a few of my thoughts on some things I am grateful for with Thanksgiving coming up so soon.  I tried looking around the room we are in for inspiration (my desk is in the bottom right of the picture) but all I could really think about was how much I wanted to get out.  I figured the wisest thing would be to go with what I had been given.  Today, I am grateful for Nature and the many wonderful creations we have.  Plants and scenery are nice, but they don’t really do too much for me.  They just kind of sit there.  But, what I am most grateful for is the interactions we find in nature.

In an earlier post “Show and Tell with Half Dead Chickens” I shared a story about some of the joys I have found from having family pets.  More than just providing entertainment, they are there as a part of the family with us.  They bring a new element to everything we do, to vacations and hikes, and they as well provide a convenient excuse to simple get outside to walk the dogs.  The ability they have to instantly forgive is a true blessing.  We have had many family pets.  And some of them have already passed on.  As I think back on how I have interacted with them I remember how loving they have always been.  The dogs are always excited to see us come home, they are always there to listen, they provide a stable support, they truly are dependable and solid.  I am grateful for our dogs, and for their unrequited love.

Even without the family pets, I still enjoy getting outside.  I feel blessed to have been involved in scouts.  I remember our hikes, campouts, and so many other activities.  I remember the not so enjoyable ones such as the Polar Bear swim, and ridiculously large camp fires.  I remember reaching the summit on our hikes, then throwing rocks off the top while our leaders weren’t looking.  The bigger the rock, the more interesting it was to see it bounce and break falling down the mountain.  Looking at a mountain is nice; but being able to climb it, and throw something off the top and watch it bounce to the bottom is what makes life worth living!  Life is enjoyable as we find joy in the simple things we have.

We read in the scriptures that all things testify that there is a God and bear testimony of the creator (Alma 30: 44).  As I write this post I have an opportunity to consider what this means to me, and how it is can be seen.  For the little of Biology I have taken I remember their being so many different cycles that things go through (water cycle, nitrogen cycle, Krebs cycle . . . etc.).  Mostly what I remember about these is how confusing they were.  But one thing I think it does show is how symbiotic everything in the world is.  All we have works together and with a purpose.  There is evidence of things being organized.  I do know God is real, and I know He loves us.  More than just His creations I know we can find Him as we seek Him in our lives.  I know He is always there to help and support us.  I am grateful for the blessings I have been able to see from the many wonderful things we have in the world.  While I only mentioned a few specific things, I know there are many different things we can each appreciate in the world around us.  Take a moment to consider what you love of God’s creations.

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