Sunday, November 4, 2012

Testimony for Fast Sunday

Church today was inspiring!  It seemed people stood up in droves to fill the stand in order to bear their testimony.  I was particularly inspired today after a brother in our Ward, Parker, stood up and bore his. I had walked to the front of the congregation, but found that there was not enough time for me to bear my testimony as I would like today.  But, I am able to share it here and now! And I don’t feel awkward taking pauses to think and ponder!

This is a remarkable church! There are remarkable people!  I am grateful for those who are willing to share their testimony and the personal things which have made an impact in their lives.  The things people mentioned made an impact on me today.  They made me more grateful for the blessings I have, and I was also inspired to be better in all I do. What I share I do in hopes that it may also help some other person.

I was reading the biographies of the apostles of the church on  I was very surprised to learn this about President Packer:

“As a very young boy, President Packer was stricken with polio, although doctors did not diagnose it correctly until years later.  After the fever finally subsided he was allowed to get up, but he could not walk.  He remembers clearly sliding around the linoleum floor and pulling himself up on chairs to learn to walk again.  It resulted in lifelong difficulties with his knees and hips.  From this experience, he learned that great strength can come by overcoming trials and adversity and that there is ‘nothing to be gained by talking to other people about aches and pains.  I just moved on through life.’”

Because of the cancer treatment I have had many surgeries on both knees and hips, most recently being that I had them all replaced.  I have also needed to learn to walk again.  These trials will be with me for an extended time.  About two years ago I had learned that the right hip which I had replaced was recalled (It is not quite as easy as some toy to give back).  Now it is begin to be more bothersome.  I also am beginning to have struggles with my shoulder, but I am too scared to get it looked at.  I was surprised to learn that President Packer has had similar trials.  President Packer and I are not well acquainted enough to connect with our similarities (I have never even met him), and even if we were “nothing to be gained by talking to other people about aches and pains.” 

What can be gained, and what I have gained is a deeper relationship with my Savior Jesus Christ.  I know Jesus Christ lives, and I know He loves me very much.  I know His atonement is real.  It seems there is so much that I do not know, and I am grateful for a Father in Heaven who is willing to teach me the same thing over and over and over again.  I know God is concerned personally with each of us.  I know He is pleased and happy as we act in love and kindness to those around us.  We are a part of a great work!  The Lord has given us a great privilege to be here on this earth!  He has given me a wonderful family, who is an amazing support and help for me.  I love my family.  I love my brother Chad, and I am grateful for his example and leadership.  I want to be more like him.  I am grateful for my sisters, and the love they show.  They keep me alive by helping me remember dinner at least three nights a week.  My parents are amazing.  I am sorry I do not have the right words to say all they mean to me, but I know I will never doubt that they love me, and they want to help me.  I know families are God’s plan for us, and I have been given an amazing family!

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