Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Nil Sine Numine

Colorado State Motto: Nil Sine Numine=  “Nothing without the Deity”

Do you ever go out to do something righteous—but then find as soon as you start that the Lord had a different plan for you all along?  The weather this evening has been beautiful.  In an effort to take advantage of it, I went to the hammock in the backyard to read my scriptures.  I wasn’t sure where I was going to read, but I had said a prayer that the Lord would help me find the right verses to give me the guidance I needed.  After my prayer, it was very hard to concentrate—two Robins had gone absolutely berserk.  They were squeaking like I didn’t know a Robin could and acting very strange.  They kept teasing our dog Chester (a beagle)—landing right next to him and then hopping away, almost but not quite getting caught.  I had not realized those birds could be such dare devils!  Eventually the birds succeeded in navigating Chester to the other end of our yard and they stopped.  I was glad it was over, but after almost a whole 2 seconds Chester came running back over to investigate something under a tree in the back corner of our yard, and the whole ordeal started over again.

But I caught on this time, I walked over to where Chester was looking (both him and the birds were distracting each other) and I found a young bird frozen on the ground.  It was not a baby, but was definitely younger.  I put the dogs inside, and then came back out with some gloves to rescue the bird.  When I came back, all the birds were gone.

As I was only in for 1 minute top, it seems unlikely something came in the yard to finish them.  I do not know where they went, but it was certainly somewhere less exposed—perhaps it was a flying lesson with a little hiccup in it.  I did feel that the birds were now safe.  I was not aware Robin’s could be such dedicated parents—I was especially surprised to see that two were acting to distract our dog.  Nature still understands it takes a father and a mother.  I am touched and grateful for the sacrifices evident in the world around us.  These sacrifices are also evident on a much larger scale in the world around us.  This evening my sister Beth read to our family about those in the theatre shooting who acted to protect those they loved and those around them.  I have also heard stories of those who have not acted to help or protect those around them.  I don’t have much to say about the shootings other than: thank you for those who have been examples and who have shown courage in a time of crisis. 

Starting with no idea what to read, I am grateful for the real examples the Lord has given me to help me find the verses which have given me strength this evening—

Matthew 6: 26 Behold the fowls of the air: for they sow not, neither do they reap, nor gather into barns; yet your heavenly Father feedeth them. Are ye not much better than they?

Our Heavenly Father watches out for us just as He cares for the birds- only more so.  His work is to help us succeed and become the amazing individuals He sees us as.  I know just as my Heavenly Father has been watching out for me in my life, I know He is watching those around me.  I know He is paying special attention to those who have been affected by the shooting.  I know through His small and simple ways He can bring them peace and hope as I have felt countless times in my life as I have needed it.  So, to close with the Colorado State Motto: Nil Sine Numine.

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  1. Very beautifully said. I want to thank you for sharing your thoughts with the World.


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